Cibes Lift Group enters an agreement to acquire Bella Elevator LLC, manufacturer of Symmetry Elevating Solutions, to strengthen its position in the USA and create new business opportunities through local manufacturing and a nationwide distributor and partner network.

CLG西柏思电梯集团日前与美国贝拉电梯有限责任公司(Bella Elevator LLC)达成收购协议,以加强集团在美国的地位,并通过当地制造以及全国范围的分销商和合作伙伴网络,创造新的商机。

Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, with manufacturing facilities in both Peoria and Roanoke, Bella Elevator LLC and Symmetry Elevating Solutions offer a wide range of home elevators, platform lifts and LULA elevators* through a nationwide network of distribution partners with over 80 locations in the USA and Canada.

贝拉电梯公司及其旗下品牌Symmetry Elevating Solutions总部位于伊利诺伊州的皮奥里亚,在皮奥里亚和罗阿诺克都设有生产工厂,通过在美国和加拿大超过80个地点的全国分销合作伙伴网络,提供各种类型的家用电梯、平台电梯和美国相关法规限用的电梯。

Bella Elevator LLC was founded in 2009 and has 132 employees. Bella acquired Symmetry Elevating Solutions, their official brand, in 2016. At present, the company produces approximately 2500 lifts a year and is renowned for their quality products, as well as for their customer service.

贝拉电梯公司成立于2009年,拥有132名员工。贝拉电梯公司在2016年收购了其官方品牌Symmetry Elevating Solutions。目前,该公司每年生产大约2500台电梯,并以其高质量的产品和客户服务而闻名。

Cibes Lift Group will acquire full ownership of Bella Elevator LLC, including Symmetry Elevating Solutions, but the company will retain its company name and brand. Rick Crane will assume the role of Vice President of Sales, Americas for Cibes, as well as continue in his current role at Bella Elevator.

CLG西柏思电梯集团将收购贝拉电梯公司的全部所有权,包括其旗下品牌Symmetry Elevating Solutions,但将保留其公司名称和品牌。Rick Crane将担任CLG西柏思电梯集团美洲区销售副总裁,并继续担任其在贝拉电梯公司目前的职位。

“Bella Elevator has long sought to be the leader in the US home elevator and accessibility lift industry. Today, we are proud to be joining Cibes, who we consider the perfect partner, in our pursuit of that vision. The collective strength of our two organizations, our dedicated team members, our shared products, and both the Cibes direct sales offices and Bella’s exceptional nationwide distributor network will provide unmatched value within the marketplace as we further develop our presence throughout North America and beyond”, Rick Crane, President of Bella Elevator, concludes.

贝拉电梯公司总裁Rick Crane总结道:“贝拉电梯公司长期以来一直寻求成为美国家用电梯和无障碍电梯行业的领导者。 今天,我们很荣幸能加入CLG西柏思电梯集团,我们认为CLG西柏思电梯集团是我们追求这一愿景的完美合作伙伴。随着我们在北美和其他地区的进一步发展,我们两个组织的集体力量、我们敬业的团队成员、我们共享的产品、CLG西柏思电梯集团直销办事处和贝拉电梯卓越的全国分销商网络将为市场提供无与伦比的价值。”

The acquisition is planned to be completed during the second quarter of 2022.


“For Cibes Lift Group, this acquisition provides access to an extensive portfolio of home elevators and accessibility products and strengthens our presence nationwide in the USA. In addition, it will also give Bella Elevator and its distributors and customers access to the Cibes product portfolio and commercial excellence expertise and infrastructure. Bella Elevator will continue to be run as an independent company and work closely with Cibes subsidiaries in the USA to further establish both Cibes and Symmetry as industry-leading brands”, says Per Lidström, CEO of Cibes Lift Group.


“对于CLG西柏思电梯集团来说,此次收购提供了广泛的家用电梯和无障碍产品组合,并加强了我们在美国全国范围内的普及率。 此外,它还将使贝拉电梯及其分销商和客户获得CLG西柏思电梯集团的产品组合、卓越的商业专业知识和基础设施。贝拉电梯将继续作为一家独立的公司运营,并与集团在美国的子公司密切合作,进一步将我们和Symmetry打造为行业领先品牌。”